Wednesday, April 13, 2005

But sometimes, like having spent most of a day trying to think of ways to report the horrendous state Sumatra finds itself in, there's just nothing left in the tank.

People, even people my age, and a significant number of them at that, really do go to bed at 8.30 here. I can't get my head around this.
How can you possibly organise yourself into bed that early? I spose if you're getting up at 4.30 then it's a necessity, but still.
Herewith my problems with having a full time job, more than one hobby, and a blog about music.
Problem A) put best by this chap - "Hot shit rains down from all directions. And it's all happening so fast that most critical apparatus just spins in circles muttering about fertilizer brands."
Problem B) Off I set to write about something great I've just listened to. The new Slope album, say. Make ancillary mistake of reading something like this first, which, instead of being inspiring, brings to a jerking halt any thought I had something to share.
I don't know the A Frames yet, and they will never play on the Gold Coast, but this makes me think they are my new favourite band. "Walden Parking Lot"? Hats off, Yancey.
Problem C) Getting up at 5am to drive for half an hour through the rain, paddle half a kilometre across a notoriously sharky* seaway, walk another kilometre past already crowded first TOS sandbank, then surf for two before work doesn't make me want to do anything more than go to bed at 9.30 so I can do it again tomorrow.

*I'm not making myself sound tough. It just is. Couple of colleagues from work saw a hammerhead shark today, right just now for serious, while having a quick surf at lunchtime.

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