Monday, December 06, 2004

Harrumph. So that article was written by SMH's environment writers, who've been pushing this barrow for some time, but it was MY story, goddammit.* Just because it was a thought that no-doubt occurred to pretty much everyone, it doesn't in any way excuse the fact they totally should have credited this blog for their inspiration.
Still, seeing one of those green bags on the cover of the paper's A3 section last week did at least prompt me to resume normal services here at TLATR HQ, if not start pitching story ideas to that section's editor.
My November slid by in a few short weeks of getting on and off aeroplanes, broken up with a particularly nasty flu, but though December is shaping up as far more eventful, damned if I'm letting it go without being blogged about, vastly underprepared though I am for it to be this time of the year already. You say it every year until you realise you say it every year and you stop, but my don't they go by faster and faster.
Still, there are new songs that kill, different things to be grumpy about and amusing club-related anecdotes sure to please the reader still disposed towards casting an eye over this page, and it's you out there that make it all worthwhile.
The jetsetting part of last month saw Tamas and I make our first combined foray into the world of interstate DJ superstardom with a couple of gigs up in Sydney at Trevor Parkee and Nathan Mclay's nights, which went good and will be blogged about in the not too distant future. There was also a short trip to Queensland for the purposes of attempting to dramatically alter the course of my life, but it hasn't yet amounted to much so isn't worth commenting on at this juncture.
Still, word. There will be more of those here soon.

*The October 02 post. I can't be arsed turning on the thing that gives each post its own URL, but it's down the page there somewhere.

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