Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Of all the new releases I've come across in the last couple of weeks by far and away the standout has to be Alex Attias' Mustang album on Compost. Peshay's LP Jammin, the excellent Unclassics compilation and Dimitri and Joey Negro's new set for BBE are all great and will hopefully be the subject of entries in the not too distant future, but I always had a soft spot for that lovable Venitian stoner. While I was in London his records on Visions, especially as Freedom Soundz, were right up my alley - usually because of the way he programmed his drums, admittedly; there being something in his snare patterns I really, really enjoyed mixing with - they were always the focus of a track no matter what else was going on or who was singing on it and I liked that. His Beatless albums on Ubiquity were also nice, so Attias's solo album was much anticipated by this scribe, and christ is it awful.

I will give him the first track.
Help Me is a killer. The production faultless, Colonel Red's vocal superlative. Proper, hugely funky future soul that really moves. The rest of the album, save one or two tracks with those nice drums of his; an appalling morass of overwrought, nigh hysterical bombast, heavily chopped orchestral samples flying everywhere and hideous operatic pretensions that bring to mind that big blue alien type Bruce Willis goes to hear sing in the Sixth Sense. It's a bad joke, but funnier still was chatting to a friend who works for their distro out here, describing how earnestly the folks at Compost are hyping this. Apparently this is where the label is going. Having had their distributor (another one!) close on them they're changing direction, and that direction is harder, darker and 'more cinematic'.

If people hear Going Home and assume it's what nu jazz is about (there's even a track called Future Jazz, like it's some sort of definitive stamp on the genre) then God spare all who fly its flag.

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