Thursday, October 21, 2004

For sure it's worth getting all het up about Talib and Mos' new solo records and their respective so-soness, but where's the blog love (or hate) for Ali Shaheed Muhammad's LP? Okay not every track is a killer, (why, when a producer not known for churning them out wants to make a club banger, do they have to announce the track is a Club Banger with the same tired shouty chorus on an otherwise fine song? Why not just do it with a really funky beat? And while I'm at it, those synthesised strings! Gaaaaaahh!!)
but I'm liking this a lot. From the opening chord of Lord Can I Have This' it had me. Lucy Pearl didn't shake by any stretch and I was not expecting this to be great - so nice to have the back of mind hope it could be proved right. Beats on tracks like Elevated Orange (chorus aside) and Family are so nice you can almost forget the album has Honey Child on it.

Thanks guy

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