Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Especially right now there are far more important things to worry about, but sometimes you do wonder. Was made aware of this through clippings we get at work from media monitors.

B-to-the-E, Budweiser's newest entry in a long line of innovative beers by
Anheuser-Busch, is a distinctive new product for contemporary adults who are looking for the latest beverage to keep up with their highly social and fast-paced lifestyles.
As the industry leader, Anheuser-Busch is the first major brewer to infuse beer with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. Well balanced with select hops and aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cherry, BE will offer a lightly sweet and tart taste - a great mixture of beer and new flavors for adults to enjoy when out with friends at a club or at a bar after work with colleagues.
Brewed at Anheuser-Busch's Houston brewery, BE will be packaged in a sleek, slim-line 10-ounce can with stylish graphics. Pending formal government approval, BE will be launched in multiple phases throughout the year in markets across the country.
"Contemporary adults thirst for variety and what's new, and our B-to-the-E delivers a beverage that is true to their lifestyles and range of drinking occasions," said Pat McGauley, senior director of New Products and High End Brands, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. "Our new B-to-the-E provides caffeine, guarana, and ginseng in a great tasting beer."
BE will be priced slightly higher than Budweiser and marketed through local print
advertising, point-of-sale materials, bar and club promotions and online
programs. BE will contain 6.6 percent alcohol by volume.
"We created a great new drink that's outside the boundaries of the taste adults would expect from a traditional beer," said Nathaniel Davis, brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. "With B-to-the-E, we've come up with a beer that has a taste with a 'wow' factor at the finish."

B to the E. Contemporary adults. Wow factor.
A thought: Why not, if beer sales are on such a downward turn in the States, start selling drinks for people who don't drink beer? Or do they really think introducing a beer that will appeal to a total of nobody who drinks beer is a sure-fire winner?
These people should be too ashamed to draw their paycheck.

Through this article I also learned that not only are Anheuser-Busch the biggest brewers in the US, they're also one of the largest theme park operators. Their chain includes Seaworld, Sesame Place and Busch Gardens. And here was me to whom the thought that Duff Gardens was based on reality never occurred.
There are two Busch Gardens theme parks, but having looked at their site I'd have to recommend Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The Howl-O-Scream ride looks hot.

There's a lot hot in Florida right now. Poor buggers living in that part of the world have had a pretty rough go of it due to the weather lately, which has has brought up some thoughts around global warming, and who's likeliest to actually initiate meaningful action.

In meaningful terms*, those with most to lose from the increasing effects of global warming are insurance companies. The storms in Florida made this clear and if you look into it you'll find most insurance companies have been making provisions for this for a long time. In fact if there were still any doubt global warming is a reality it can be found in the research done by insurers and underwriters. Global warming has these corporations as worried as youd hope and we're already seeing them hit with much higher premiums for natural disasters in areas their research shows will likely be most affected. But what's more worrying to these monolithic firms than large-scale natural disasters? The possibility we'll catch on, and just stop insuring. In all likelihood, people who live in areas likely to be badly affected by extreme weather will scale down. Like folks in countries such as the Philippines, they'll construct housing from cheaper materials and may choose to personally own less in the way of consumer goods. May. It's unlikely, but people may start to reassess what's valuable to them if their house has been swept away.

Anyway. Fantasizing about the collapse of the insurance industry through consumer disinterest and shared appliances is perhaps indicative of th fact I possibly don't spend enough time looking for the latest beverage to keep up with my highly social and fast-paced lifestyle.

* terms meaningful to those who make decisions for us and base those on fiscal concerns, as opposed, say, lives lost. They're not my terms, don't hate me.


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