Tuesday, July 06, 2004

And alone,

I interviewed Money Mark last week, so pulled Mark's Keyboard Repair from the dusty spot where it'd been languishing with other pre-loved lps, waiting for its day in the sun to come around again.
I hadn't forgotten how sunny that day was, but you know, you move on and records, despite their greatness and relevant to you right nowness, get passed over by new discoveries.
Listening to it again reminded me of discovering Mo Wax and those mid-90s records by DJ Shadow and Krush, the early Autechre - music that made you feel like you'd stumbled across some secret cubby-house society and for some reason even you couldn't understand, the kid who built it deemed you cool enough to join.
Those records were an epiphanical moment, when I heard something that changed the possibilities felt and seen in music. It was real nice to dig out the Headz comps, and Some Scientific Abstract Type Shit - You can still feel the weight of that music, seemingly worth more than anything else i was listening to at the time.

Mark is a sweet guy, and told some great stories about recording with Yoko Ono and Femi Kuti, who was in semi-exile in Paris when they worked together on Fight To Win , Femi having had half his band defect from Nigeria on their first US tour, and so had to escape an irate government and even irater bandmate's wives, pissed off at him for giving them the opportunity to leave and never come back.

We didn't get onto the Beasties for awhile - i figured maybe he was sick of talking about them and he's an interesting enough guy in his own right - but he did say the years working with them, in his life, were perfect. He also made it very clear that he was Not Around (full stop) while they made their new record, but i guess that's clear enough to anyone looking forward to listening to the 5 Boroughs as little as i am, or anyone unfortunate enough to have heard it.
Speaking of, this review on pitchfork deserves mention for niceness, and for being a review that doesn't ask to be agreed or disagreed with. Whatever your thoughts on the record or the idea of using a review as a swan-song, it's an most agreeable piece of writing, its out of context personal mumble forgiven.

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