Friday, June 18, 2004

they've gone and fucked it up again
Here they come ... all the people i can find who agree with my view that even though i haven't heard it, the new beastie boys album plumbs new depths in cringe-inducing, head-shaking wrongness.
Did you really even need to hear the first single? Just seeing the title your reaction is like 'boys. Really.'
And then you actually hear the track and your suspicions that they're going to end up on that pile of bands in your head that make you wonder why people think they're relevant anymore because they just aren't even a little bit, are confirmed in the most disappointing way.
I think i heard a song off the album with Biz Markie on it which sounded cool but it woke me up when the clock radio went off so i wasn't totally listening and am therefore not sure, but don't think i care enough to investigate it.
Joe here has a nice post about it which i will quote from, if i may.

Today the number of cringe-inducing lyrics known to be found on To The 5 Boroughs has grown again, with the revelation of this little gem:

Walking down the block, you say, 'Yo, D!
'When you coming out with the new CD that spreads love in society?

As Gear! on ILM so rightly says, "If the line that follows up is "I pull out my piece and take that motherfucker down/turn that big hippie smile into a motherfucking frown", all is forgiven." But I think we'd be a little optimistic to expect that.

As Joe goes on, Let me get some confusion out of the way by stating for the record that the problem with many recent Beastie Boys' lyrics is not that they are "simplistic" or "one-sided". (A lot of things in this world are more simple and one-sided than people would have you believe.) The problem is that they are bad lyrics, the kind composed by rubbish old men desperate to prove they are still 'down'.

I think he may have something there.

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