Thursday, June 17, 2004

A modern man's hustle
Have just been listening to this having been informed by Rens that it was the hotness, and would restore my faith in hip hop. It's pretty good.
I haven't heard much from Slug, but have been meaning to for awhile, altho' i gotta say at first cop J-Live kinda sorta blows this out the water.
Also finally got around to listening to Brett Johnston's Classic mix. I was just now searching for something to link to, and found a review of it by some girl who felt the need to give a p.s. at the bottom to Brett reminding him that he "had" her at some party. Even if she's not talking about a quick post-set shag, i found it incredibly lame, and it kinda killed my enthusiasm for saying anything about the CD.
It's not a Brett Johnson mix like maybe you'd expect from him, it's a compilation of Classic classics mixed in a pumping bigroom way - you know, like Roger Sanchez or someone where they never let the intensity drop, mixing the next track a good 32 bars before the previous one breaks down and slamming it in right as the first one peaks. That's fine and it's fun to play that way but i don't know if it brings out the best in these tracks, although they come off sounding a lot more fluid than anything you normally associate with Classic. It made me ride to work a lot faster than usual, so i guess that's something else.

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