Monday, June 14, 2004

A dark and stormy Queen's Birthday holiday good for lots of indoorsy activities like eating toast, drinking tea and making a start on a review pile as top heavy on compilations as ever.
Currently listening to Gilles' Worldwide exclusives which is okay, but hasn't yet made any real impact as a whole despite a couple of standout tunes, but it got sent late and i'm only halfway through it.
Was at Revolver again last night - bowled up to find an insane crowd at the door, peopled most probably by no-one actually there to see Rainer Truby, which, especially after a brief, concern-inducing foray into the backroom, was most definitely their loss. Wheras back there was all tight jaws, vacant stares and 'bows being autopilot thrown to decidedly workmanlike techy-electro, the front room found Kaman and Kano laying down about the best warmup a dj like Rainer could hope for. As Annie noted, there were a lot of smiles in the room.
Having had Larry Levan throwing down the Salsoul classics for our cross-town pleasure in Nick's car we ducked past the queue to find Kaman in like-mind, playing some beautiful warm old mid-tempo disco before being joined by Kano to play the sort of latin-based music that never fails to make me smile. As we were expecting/hoping from Rainer, they moved through hip hop to drum and bass to house tempos, leaving him with Kaman's mix of Belladonna's Ebatule (which Irma have somewhat bafflingly not given a release date to, despite it being far acer than the DJ Uovo mix out earlier this year).
They left him with with everywhere to go, and for half an hour, Rainer held onto the floor they'd built with a slightly housier (but from the looks of the gradually thinning crowd, slightly less engaging) take on the same latin and afro-beat sounds, before moving into one of the nicer house sets I've heard in awhile. It was interesting hearing him play as hard as he did; tho there were points where i felt he stripped things back so far he lost momentum, when he reined things in after that one track too many by playing something a bit more dynamic, it was all the more appealing for it. The promoter who brought him out had come down from Sydney with stories of the last night's genre-hopping set, so it was a bit disappointing not hearing him play broader here, but i guess a dj like him doesn't often get to indulge in a straight house set - maybe people will talk. Personally, i'd forgotten how good it was to hear that sort of music, especially as so surprising a number of djs playing brukbeat won't touch it (which is weird).
Still and all, i didn't hear anything that had me rushing up to peer over his shoulder.

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