Thursday, May 13, 2004

Managed to find the Sleepwalker track with Sanders. Is a killer; an inspired flurry of soaring, multiphonic'd beauty anchored by the jaw dropping drums of Nobuaki Fujii. Hajime's piano solo is bananas, but every member pulls out all stops for this performance.
Pharoah is there, but you feel his presence more than hear his playing on this song; the band obviously so stoked at having the opportunity to take it to one of their inspirations; the result being properly electric. Masato Nakamura channels more Pharoah than Pharoah, and when the two play together ... two thumbs fresh for being the only recent recordings that's managed to induce goosebumps through sheer force of passion. The sound of such a good group of musicians playing above themselves is a beautiful thing.

Check the May 5th broadcast of into somethin'.

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