Wednesday, May 12, 2004

In a Village Voice article that starts with the complete sentence 'Sometimes New York city doesn't totally suck' comes news that Theo Parrish has started a monthly residency at the apparently totally incredible APT. According to Andy Battaglia, there were "maybe 60 people" on his first night.
Not sure what to think about a dj like him, one revered the world over (and one who also happens to be just really good) not really pulling an ny crowd (although maybe 60 is an ny house crowd these days), especially with his stock so high right now.
The Rotating Assembly album has everyone in a lather, and Ubiquity are about to re-release Parrallel Dimensions.
These kids are about my favourite label right now. The new Quantic album is something i'm hugely looking forward to, as are the Nobody and John Arnold remix 12"s which should hopefully be gracing the mailbox with their presence any day now.
They were always an interesting label for their reissues, but while they're still doing worthy things with Cubop in that area, it's the new hip hop and house releases that have me in my current tizz. As i said in last month's column for Inpress, getting two producers like Mr Scruff and Henrik Schwarz on the same record is like a gift, but giving them so great a source track they can't fail to turn out something interesting, AND putting two unreleased John Arnold songs on the same record should just shame other labels - how many times do you feel like you've been taken for a ride when you look at a 12" with two tracks on it that the label/producer has had the cheek to call an 'EP'?
Back to the reissues tho - any label that gives a proper release to a jazz record so rare they manage to piss off a dj like Gilles Peterson is alright in my book - but it's not just reissuing rare music that makes them worthy, it's that this rare music is also good.
Take the Arthur Verocai album, which is an incredible gem, or the Black Renaissance re-issue that stole Gilles' thunder - there's no way i would have come across this music without Ubiquity putting it out there again; i just don't have the time to dig that far.

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