Friday, May 28, 2004

the elephants of life
Sorry, the surf has been good.

Was riding home from a meeting south aye the river yesterday evening and sought respite from the rain in Mixed Bag records. It's this new store on Church St i've been meaning to check since it opened the very same week i moved out of the area, and despite the name, it pretty much only sells house. Time was i would've been pretty excited about something like this, but shops that just sell house don't seem to sell my sort of house anymore (no go on, hear me out).

I spent a good hour ploughing through 50-odd records yesterday, most by people or on labels i've liked enough to purchase previously, but none were hitting the spot, or getting even vaugely near enough to it to merit having some hard-earned dropped on them. I was getting pretty desperate after awhile as they were nice chaps in there, and ended up leaving with a deep chugger with some nice keys on the appropriately named Odds and Ends, a record i would have been really happy with if i hadn't filled my collection with dozens of soundalikes over the years.

It was faintly depressing though as i don't like house music; i'm obsessed with it. This happens far too often - i can no longer go into Rhythm and Soul because i just get cranky; not with them as they stock some surprisingly open-minded records for the sort of shop they are (actually, i get cranky with them for different reasons), but just with the amount on the shelves that doesn't sound any different to records that came out eight years ago.

Hopefully i can avoid this complaint becoming a recurring theme but it shits me when i don't feel i can argue with people who say house is boring.

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