Monday, May 31, 2004

My suspicious that on such a gorgeous Monday, one on which i didn't have to work, no less, there would be really good surf, were unfortunately confirmed this morning. Unfortunate due to my idiot brother running the car we co-own(ed) into the ground (cracked head gasket = goodbye 20 year old car), and my housemate's car also being currently off the road leaving me to sit in front of the computer and wonder what to say about Jazzanova. I'd interviewed Alex last week from their label's offices in Berlin, and despite being sandwiched in the middle of a half dozen other press calls, he was pretty forthcoming and we had a pleasant chat. It's interesting how far ahead those guys are in terms of sales and recognition over all other future jazz producers. They're a force unto themselves with the hype and myth to match, and it's always nice to talk to people in that sort of position and find them still flattered at the forum given to them to muse publicly about what they do.
As i was still in town and not sitting in the water with the sun on my back at Winki i said yes to an interview with Texan house producer Brett Johnson when my editor rang later in the afternoon. Despite being a bit blah about it - i'm still yet to listen past track three of his new mix on Classic despite being sent it two weeks ago having looked at the tracklist and thought 'eh, nothing new here' - he made my day. Not in a worth missing probably classic waves way, but hearing a house dj/producer type who's thought for more than ten minutes about what he does and is still really enthusiastic about boompty after so many years of living it, was cool.
I'll hopefully expand this post once i get around to transcribing the interview, but word is he was one of the standout DJs at this years WMC, so will no doubt be well worth a check when he comes through town.

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