Friday, April 30, 2004

Republika was fun last week - and despite kind of dreading as i always do these late sets, it didn't feel like a slog, although i could have done without being asked to play an extra hour until 7am. Still, when a place is heaving like that and you're on top of things - instead of falling flat and spending the night on the back foot, struggling to think of ways to play music people might react to - it passes quite pleasantly.
Not, perhaps, as pleasantly as saturday morning had passed, sitting in front of the fire down the coast, drinking tea, reading the papers, listening to the wind in the tea-tree and cooking breakfast, but you take what you can get.
I hadn't thought to go down to Rob's place at Blair Gowrie with him, Matty and Houng on account of having to work Saturday night and the weather having gone from unseasonably warm to filthy over the course of the previous night, but was talked into it by Matt without much trouble and was glad he bothered. As he commented at some point in the wee hours while chucking another log on the fire and getting another beer from the fridge, "i dunno what we'd be doing right now if we'd stayed in the city, but it's a pretty safe bet it wouldn't be nothing." If 'nothing' can involve roasting a chook with your friends, walking out over the dunes to the sea before retiring to the fireside for an evening spent talking shit and listening to music, then one really should do it more often.


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