Thursday, April 22, 2004

Listening to Pharoah Sanders' 'Journey to the One', an album i've needed all my life, but only purchased today, when Discurio (bless their opera-loving socks) got a copy in for me.
The last time I played Open Sesame, Ennio Styles, who followed immidiately after, went bananas with the jazz-dance classics, playing a cut from this record that made me wonder how i could have slept on most of Sanders' post-Impulse output.
I haven't really tried to get into Ornette Coleman or Archie Shepp or even Sun Ra that much, and find myself losing patience with a lot of free-jazz. Like most folks i guess it's just too demanding, but there's something so affirming about Pharoah's noise.
It makes my heart want to burst.

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