Thursday, April 15, 2004

it's a small world, by jingoes 

People know this. You live in a city, even a big one like Melbourne (nudging 4 million, they reckon) for a little while, the degrees of seperation get whittled down so fast it leaves you dazed. For me and most people i know, it's around two. Like, when was the last time you met anyone, anywhere, who you honestly and truly don't have a connection with through any other aquaintances? I very rarely meet anyone, outside of work, who isn't a friend of a friend. I guess it's not that it's a small city, it's just that the circles you move in are.
None of this guff has to be negative.
Last night Interviewed Nik Weston, London dj/promoter/compilation compiler and japanophile extraoirdinaire from his office in London, for an Australian tour he's doing. He did press for Cisco, the Japanese distro i worked for in London. He has a residency with a dj called Koh Umura, who now works for Cisco, and who i met completely seperately from both job and Nik, when a friend of his started going out with an evil young man who moved into a house i moved out of in Kilburn.
Interviewing Igor from Skalpel, new Polish signings to Ninja Tune, was much more exciting. I don't know many people in Poland, and their album is ace. Ninja is a good home for them, they sound like the Cinematic Orchestra; no bad thing.
More ninja madness tomorrow with Kid Koala at First Floor, the venue i love to hate (hate: dishonest management, dithering booking staff. love: knowing most of the staff [free drinks], the layout generally, the old school tabletop pacman games and the always on point projections).
For ten bucks, too! You'd be somewhat put out if you'd forked out quadruple that to see him and RJD2 last week at the POW.

There is THE NICEST sunset outside right now. RIGHT NOW. No wait, it's gone.
Damn you, Autumn.

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